DAYS, Poem

Manifested Destiny

This is for onlookers and naysays from the generation one before:

I know this is hard to hear, we love, but we don’t need you anymore.

For the ones after that found their destination after nothing short of
“hard work”:

I’ll find mine the same way just differently can’t you see,

that this place isn’t what it was and never will be,

so just shut up and learn it the way I did, the “hard way”

or you could just continue to lurk.

This dedicated to all of the role models in my life that used to hate cell phones.

My first original poem I’ve ever put on the internet that I just wrote at 1 AM on a Tuesday night. I’ve made a decision in my life to stop living in fear of what those afraid to do themselves will think. I know that I know what I know and what I don’t know I can definitely just pick up on Youtube, or Udacity, or Coursera, Lynda, or any of the other thousands of resources, and it won’t cost $15,000 or $30,000 or $80,000 I won’t have scholarships or that feeling that I “earned it”, but I also won’t have paid for it either.